Lagos service questioned me, halted my pay for shooting video on road sweepers’ torment — Asthmatic LAWMA director

Lagos service questioned me, halted my pay for shooting video on road sweepers’ torment — Asthmatic LAWMA director

A director with the Lagos State Waste Management Authority, Olamide Suleiman, as of late made a video on the situation of Lagos road sweepers, who were not paid compensations for two months. He tells SAMSON FOLARIN how his life went under danger after the video became famous online

Would you be able to impart to us a little about your experience?

I am Olamide Toheeb Suleiman, a LAWMA boss. I was conceived in Lagos and I am 26 years of age. I didn’t finish my optional school as a result of some close to home difficulties, which additionally influenced the connection between my mum and father. Around 18 years prior, when I was in auxiliary school, I was composing when something went ahead me and I left school. I was from home for around four to five months. My mum and father searched for me and they couldn’t discover me. The police discovered me, indicted me and afterward social government assistance. I was later discharged.

In 2007, while at Ikotun, I got myself stripped. That was the way I kept doing combating this psychological issue. Somebody once took a video of me exposed and posted it on the online life, saying I was a Yahoo-Yahoo kid. That video is as yet online at this very moment. My folks took me to botanists, emergency clinics and mental homes for help, all without much of any result. My folks additionally battled and got isolated as a result of me.

That was the manner by which I began chasing after lawmakers. I joined the battle group of previous Lagos Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode. At the point when he won the political decision, he purchased a tricycle for me. As a result of my psychological issue, I was engaged with a few mishaps and the tricycle was destroyed. I later went to meet him and asked for an occupation with the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority. He alluded me to the Ministry of Transportation and I was utilized as a cleaner, since I had no capability. Be that as it may, my psychological issue periodically surfaced and individuals began tattling about me. The administration said I ought to return home and treat myself and they would be paying my pay rates. I was appreciative.

When Ambode was denied an arrival ticket, I joined the Babajide Sanwo-Olu battle group. That was the point at which I met a lady, Wuraola Williams, otherwise known as Iron Lady, who was responsible for the Sanwo-Olu Babes (a crusade gathering). Before the end of last year, I went to meet her after I discovered that she was a temporary worker with LAWMA. I advised her to help me with work. That was the means by which I turned into a LAWMA manager in December 2019.

For what reason did you make the video that became famous online on the internet based life?

I didn’t realize that the video would circulate around the web. As a foundation, we generally get our compensations as and when due. Sweepers gather N25,000, while bosses get N40,000. Nonetheless, in April, we didn’t get anything. At that point May, nothing. A portion of the individuals I regulate began mounting pressure on me. I disclosed to them that I didn’t have the foggiest idea what was going on. I chose to meet different sweepers and chiefs under another temporary worker to inquire as to whether they had been paid and they said no, that they were likewise being owed for two months. I called my chief, Iron Lady, and asked her what was happening. She just said LAWMA was at fault and irately detached the call.

At some point, I saw one of the old ladies under me asking for cash from a bystander and the individual gave her N50. I was dismal. I asked the lady for what reason she asked for cash. Individuals tested me that I was their director and I should battle for them to be paid.

I returned to meet my chief, Iron Lady, who depends on Lagos Island. I asked what was happening and she said the LAWMA MD was liable for the postponement. She didn’t make reference to any name. She said he went to all the zones to confirm the quantity of laborers working and discovered only a couple and he had aggregated a rundown of five individuals, who might be paid. I was stunned. Out of 33 specialists on my course, how might he say he needed to pay only five?

The following day, I went to work and attempted to quiet my associates. That day, something abnormal transpired. I fallen and began wheezing for breath due to my asthma. They checked my pocket and found an unfilled inhaler. The eager road sweepers contributed cash, went to a drug store and purchased an inhaler for me. Everyone was crying. At the point when I returned home, I thought I needed to find a way to get our compensations paid. I figured I would do a video and post it on my Facebook page with the goal that individuals would assist us with asking the LAWMA MD. I was the person who went online to discover his name and duplicate his photograph. I altered the video myself and posted it on Facebook without labeling anyone.

All in all, what occurred after you posted it?

I posted it on Friday, June 12, 2020. A couple of hours after, someone called me and requested authorization to repost the video on her Facebook divider and I assented. She requested my record number so she could send me cash to purchase an inhaler. Around 30 minutes after the fact, I began getting calls from various individuals from everywhere throughout the world – the United Kingdom, Canada, USA. I was in dismay. Before I knew it, individuals attacked my Facebook page and began remarking. I never realized it would turn into a web sensation. Perhaps in the event that I knew, I would not have posted it. Yet, I reserve the privilege to post the video, since I made the best choice. In the event that I went to take, no one will tune in to my reasons. In the event that I pass on peacefully, no one will say anything and even God will reprimand me for not talking. I used to ask for cash, yet now I have an occupation and I ought not be asking once more.

There were reports that your video was supported to stop the progressing review of LAWMA accounts, consequently you continued getting out the new Managing Director, Ibrahim Odumboni, who had just labored for about fourteen days starting at that point. Is this valid?

A few people likewise said Iron Lady paid me N250,000 to make the video and some said the resistance was utilizing me to ruin the great work of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu. These are huge falsehoods. My condition and the enduring of the widows and old ladies functioning as road sweepers caused me to do it. They should accuse my head and not on any other individual.

It was after the video turned into a web sensation that I understood that I committed an error about the LAWMA MD. I imagined that he had been the LAWMA MD for quite a while. Afterward, I got data that he had not spent up to half a month. I never knew.

Is it genuine that you gotten dangers over the video?

Indeed. While individuals were calling me to offer help, someone called me with a shrouded number. The guest, while talking in Yoruba, stated, ‘Olamide, you are the rave existing apart from everything else now. You are everywhere throughout the web-based social networking. They have paid for your life’. I asked who the guest was and he stated, ‘Bourdillon Boys’. I immediately separated the call. Promptly, I fled the house, where I was remaining. For four days, I was unable to rest. I was eager.

Who are Bourdillon Boys?

Bourdillon Boys are the individuals, who saunter around the place of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu in Ikoyi. They ask for cash from government officials visiting the Asiwaju. They share the cash among themselves. I used to be a piece of them. I left the gathering when I found that they bamboozled me at whatever point we got cash. I chose to turn into an exclusive crew and gather my cash myself.

After I got the danger, I made a video that Bourdillion Boys were after me and I posted it on my page. That video additionally turned into a web sensation. Iron Lady tested them during a gathering at her home over the danger and they denied it.

What reactions do you have so distant from the Lagos State Government since your video became famous online?

Three days after I did the video, I got a call from the Ministry of Transportation and I was questioned. They were furious with me and I cried. They halted the pay I was gathering from the service. They checked my records and found that the Ojora of Ijora land remained as my closest relative. The lord, who has been my advocate since I began having the psychological test, was distraught when they called him. He said I would need to leave the loft he gave me in his home, since what I did was a major disfavor to him and the Ojora family, which everyone has distinguished me with. He said he would, in any case, give me cash to get another loft.

What are your arrangements now?

At the point when individuals were sending me cash, I attempted to share about N100,000 with other road sweepers, who had not gathered their pay rates that time. As I got the cash, I additionally shared it. An organization providing inhalers, last Monday, came and gave me 10 packs of inhaler and 10 packs of Ventolin for nothing out of pocket. I have chosen to part with a portion of the inhalers to other asthmatic patients. They should simply to send me their addresses through WhatsApp and I will ask a conveyance man to send it to them complimentary.

Also, the individuals who need to help me ought not send cash; they should simply send me inhalers. There are numerous asthmatic patients who don’t have cash. They need assistance too.

What are your considerations on the old ladies and widows filling in as road sweepers?

Truly, what those individuals need is social government assistance. A large portion of them have four to five children. They are languishing. In all actuality, they are the ones working. They pack human and creature squanders. What we do as administrators is simply to screen them. These are the individuals accomplishing the work and they merit better compensation. We likewise need medical coverage and money related help.


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